03 May

Responsible Hiring is critical for businesses

What is responsible hiring?

Responsible hiring ensures workers are employed by using transparent and ethical practices throughout the supply chains. It is about building a positive change in how the workers, most notably the migrant and informal workers, are hired and retained.

Why is responsible hiring so important?

Responsible hiring benefits the companies as they get better workers, and their supply chains remain free from child labor and forced labor risks. Responsible hiring helps workers get better working conditions and enables them to carry out their roles with higher satisfaction and creativity. This eventually assures the businesses of enhanced retention, productivity, efficiency, and growth. Responsible hiring is a strong tool to protect the fundamental rights of all workers.

The future of responsible hiring

Nowadays, more and more businesses are making public commitments regarding responsible hiring practices, directly or indirectly. Implementing such practices will eradicate the process of irresponsible recruitment, which is paramount to protecting the rights of millions of migrant and informal workers in India and other parts of the world.

To achieve responsible hiring, the companies must work closely with the workers to know their strengths and expertise, ensuring they achieve social and economic upward mobility. Continuedly seeking ethical solutions and being committed to responsible practices of hiring builds a long-term relationship between workers and employers. In the new sustainability era and emerging labor laws, responsible hiring is critical to achieving business growth and keeping up the momentum.

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