WorkersJoint Program

A holistic program for workers and companies

WorkersJoint is a holistic program designed to support marginalized, migrant, unemployed, home-based workers, women workers, and micro-producers to attain greater upward social and economic mobility, thereby creating an ethical ecosystem for responsible hiring.

WorkersJoint Program builds the database of informal workers and connects them with Businesses through a tech platform.

The digital platform of WorkersJoint makes the workers visible in the job market. It helps them connect with businesses that offer them better work opportunities and environments. The program continues working with the workers registered on the digital platform and their employers to ensure all workers are connected with social security and their children attend school.

Partnering with International Organization for Migration (UN-IOM)

WorkersJoint program has joined with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It is part of the United Nations System as the leading inter-governmental organization promoting migration for the benefit of all, with 174 member states and a presence in over 100 countries. In India, IOM is not only focused on international migrant workers but is also looking into the vast quantum of inter-state migrant workers to help protect their interests.

Electronic Migration Resource Centre (e-MRC): eMRC has a collection of information that a migrant worker might be looking for. It includes emergency helpline numbers, information about the city, industry information, labor laws, and human rights. Currently, all data pertains to Jaipur city. As the wings of WorkersJoint spread to other cities, this e-MRC will be updated with information regarding other locations.

HelpLine: Another critical feature of WorkersJoint is the live Helpline number 097111 45938, which any worker can call for information. Helpline provides relevant information support to workers, mainly migrant workers.