Tri-Impact volunteer work is a unique opportunity

To contribute to a vital social cause: Tri-Impact Global provides you an opportunity to be a part of the Workers Joint program to contribute to a crucial social cause with real work and a tangible impact on people. It is an opportunity for you to transform the lives of workers, artisans, and their families by helping them connect with social security schemes and make them visible to the world by breaking the digital divide.

To help build a better community: The work and contribution of a volunteer play a significant role in building a better society and contributing to an equitable development process that works for all.

To learn new skills and gain knowledge: Tri-Impact volunteers meet people to learn about their lives, stories, skills, and struggles. The volunteers gain a unique understanding of the people of India who are contributing to the betterment of the economy, art and craft and need to become part of the government’s social security schemes and take advantage of the digital world. The new skills and experiences gained through the volunteer work help the volunteers build their understanding, confidence, and personality.

To earn a certificate: On completion of the work, the volunteer gets a certificate that can enhance their professional journey. The volunteer’s unique experience and transformative impact will also add value to their resume. It helps sharpen the leadership qualities. Most prospective employers appreciate candidates who demonstrate their commitment to a social cause.

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