Vision: We envision a future where holistic well-being for people and the planet is achieved through proactive environmental actions, ethical technology use, sustainable business practices, and conscious consumerism. In this world, industries like eco-friendly heritage textiles, renewable energy, and efficient waste management are the cornerstones of prosperity, ensuring a balanced coexistence with nature.

Mission: Our mission is to drive meaningful change by fostering research, documentation, education, and action based on hyper-local stakeholder collaboration. We aim to support sustainable
practices across global value chains, ensuring environmental integrity and social justice by engaging public policy, local stakeholders, active citizens, and conscious consumers. Our focus areas include improving the working conditions for workers, empowering small-scale heritage textile enterprises, conducting research and
stakeholder education on various issues including understanding the impact of technology, and counterfeit heritage textile products, and backing community-led environmental projects.

Theory of Change: We believe in the power of combining research, education, and local stakeholder engagement including conscious consumers to bring about significant, on-the-ground change. Our approach effectively works to enhance working conditions in global value chains, including health, social security, and financial inclusion, promoting environmentally friendly heritage textiles, advancing sustainable agriculture, technology integration, and climate action.

New Era Opportunity

The sustainability Era in global trade, created by changes in the laws, new regulations, and consumer preferences worldwide, is an excellent opportunity for India.

India, a fast-growing economy, is committed to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Sustainability Era is an excellent opportunity for the Indian economy as there is still a long journey for the country to cover in a shorter time. India has the chance to walk on two legs- Sustainability and Growth.

Heritage Textiles

We appeal to conscious consumers, media persons, students, researchers, government departments, donor agency representatives, CSR Foundations, NGO representatives, subject experts, sustainability practitioners, or entrepreneurs to join us in championing heritage textiles and challenging the adverse effects of fast fashion on our planet, upholding authenticity, and supporting sustainability in the textile sector.
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Workers' Well-Being Activities 4 July 2023 APMC Aligarh
Workers' Well-Being Activities 4 July 2023 APMC Aligarh
Workers' Well-Being Activities 4 July 2023 APMC Aligarh
Workers' Well-Being Activities 4 July 2023 APMC Aligarh