Tri-Impact builds impact partnerships with the businesses to highlight and support their efforts.

Our work supports businesses in fulfilling responsible hiring and outsourcing through bridging the digital divide, capacity building, and linking skilled unemployed workers and micro-production units with businesses.

Tri-Impact provides high-quality services to national and international businesses and organizations to enrich their impact on the ground. These services include conducting due diligence, social and environmental audits, market surveys and research, supporting grievance mechanisms for workers, piloting of innovations, training, technology support activities, market research, and responsible sourcing.

In addition to providing services and building collaborations, we promote the good practices enabled by trade in the Global Value Chains. In this context, Tri-Impact is studying the good practices promoted and encouraged by the global trade in Global Value Chains in areas i) promoting education for the children of the workers, especially the girl children, and ii) recycling of resources.

Tri-Impact also works to build the capacity of businesses and their entire value chains to ensure the businesses can build collaborations with local stakeholders such as government programs, schools, and hospitals to fulfill their social and environmental responsibility and compliance-related accountability.


Working partnerships with sustainability-focused businesses and organizations to support their programs to enrich working conditions and the environmental action at the bottom of the Global Value Chains.

Study, documentation, and dissemination of inspiring stories and best practices of the social and environmental impact created by businesses associated with global trade.

Services to businesses, value chain sustainability platforms, and organizations related to social and environmental compliance assessment, audit, due diligence, impact assessment, and risk assessment.

Training and capacity building of the businesses and their value chains regarding the increasing impact on improving working conditions for workers and promoting environmental action.

Research and analysis related to supply chain security and sustainability, market demand and supply, consumer behavior, climate change adaptation, recycling, health and safety, workers’ well-being, worker rights, gender issues, children’s education, environmental impact, etc.

Facilitation of engagement of businesses in various activities and programs of government of India and international organizations related to sustainability and responsible business and 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


Indian businesses

Tri-Impact collaborates with Indian businesses to identify their impact on the life of their workers, society, and the environment. These efforts and initiatives are then documented to create an Impact Profile of the businesses. Tri-Impact believes that such identification and documentation of the actions of the businesses motivates them in their efforts and helps them build support systems for such efforts to enhance their work. It also helps the companies address their growth needs by building business partnerships with appropriate companies.

International businesses and organizations

Tri-Impact collaborates with international impact-oriented organizations, brands, importers who want to source products from companies in India that are not creating any adverse impact on the environment and take good care of their workers and their families. Tri-Impact provides a wide range of services to such companies, including carrying out due diligence, training, and capacity building of their suppliers to enrich the impact on working conditions and the environmental action.