Internships and Volunteering

Tri-Impact Global understands the prevailing issues and challenges which prevents achieving the goals of worker well-being and sustainability. However, rather than being demotivated by these roadblocks, it sees this as an opportunity to build meaningful collaborations to contribute towards the well-being of the planet and marginalized workers and farmers through promoting better working conditions, education and skills, access to health, effective implementation of programs and policies and climate-friendly practices. The existing government setup has progressed significantly in the recent past. The government has set up robust systems for on-ground enrollment and implementation.  However, there are still some gaps which can be overcome  by facilitating inclusion of marginalized workers and farmers within the safety net and welfare setup at scale to provide protection and avenues for socio-economic mobility for 

marginalized workers and farmers. This can also be taken ahead within the context of developing collective efforts to counter issues brought by climate change. These activities can be conducted across sectors and states in India by utilizing the power of committed changemakers.

These changemakers consist of youth or professionals who seek opportunities for professional development and to create social good. However, there is a huge vacuum in terms of mentorship and guidance within the social sector. Even educational surroundings often aren’t able to provide enough on ground perspectives or invest time to ensure one to one learning.  These individuals therefore lack both development of skills in terms of social research, policy analysis and documentation as well as don’t have the right platform wherein their want to help others can be channelised. To utilize this inherent energy holds endless possibilities and touch so many lives along the way. What it needs is the right stage to shine!

Our Solution - Ubuntu

Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society. Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.” Part of a Zulu phrase it translates to – “I am, because you are ”. What we at Tri-Impact wish to do is use the inherent energy and motivation within human beings to create good for others. We want to utilize the desire of youth, students, volunteers, and other socially conscious people. Our actions to do good when combined with the actions or desires of others/ many, help achieve long-term change. These volunteers will help ensure last mile coverage of government social security schemes, financial and health infrastructure, sustainability as well as contribute to literature and advocacy around issues of worker well being and climate action. The impact created in the process won’t be individual centric but one which is rooted in the principle of collective existence or Ubuntu. The idea to build stakeholder collaborations which lies at the core of TIG’s work is a real life manifestation of Ubuntu. Tri-Impact identifies the need for meaningful collaborations amongst different stakeholders within an ecosystem. The gaps are filled by creating opportunities for collaborative stakeholder action. Meaningful stakeholder collaborations bring equality, effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and scale to the change to help make it sustainable. In this spirit, we wish to engage the people who are committed to contribute to the change making process for the people and planet.

About the Ubuntu Initiative

Tri-Impact Global (TIG) aims to achieve a significant impact in its programs pertaining to the well-being of marginalized workers and farmers in diverse industries such as textiles, hardware manufacturing, farming, circularity, and green businesses by utilizing the power of committed changemakers. The program is intended to utilize the commitment, skills, and creativity of youth who desire to contribute as interns and volunteers to the process of nation-building by assisting the advancement of the most marginalized workforce in our nation. The TIG team provides orientation, guidance, and handholding to build capacity for the youth who participate in its programs. Through this initiative, TIG would be able to engage key stakeholders – educational institutions and individuals in different professional settings who wish to create meaningful social impact.

TIG will channelise energies of its changemakers into creative projects designed specifically to accelerate and further extend its ongoing activities and stakeholder collaboration across different sectors and geographies in India. These projects would give exposure and sectoral insights within the fields of –

  1. Informal Economy and Informal Work
  2. Marginalized Workers and Farmers
  3. Agriculture
  4. Climate Change
  5. Climate Action and Sustainability
  6. Government Welfare System and its onground dissemination
  7. Welfare Policy
  8. Industries viewed from an ESG perspective

These projects would contribute to the larger discourse setting, help in preparation of policy briefs and original literature on these topics and help identify gaps within the existing setup/policies and suggestions to overcome the same. Tri-Impact would use this action research as a central part in designing interventions and advocacy initiatives. At the same time, the changemakers would also be conducting on-ground activities in some areas curating and conducting literacy and advocacy sessions and enrollment and awareness raising about the government welfare and banking setup.

The initiative is Pan-India, and the organization has youth changemakers from many prestigious educational institutions such as – University of Delhi, Jamia Millia Islamia, Dr B.R. Ambedkar University – Delhi, Lovely Professional University – Punjab, Amity University – Noida, Nizam College – Hyderabad etc.

 Why Join In?

All the interns/volunteers would be provided constant support, monitoring and feedback on their work which will help both in their profile building in terms of work experience and personal development. Each intern/volunteer would get recognition for contributing to the project through a certificate of internship/appreciation. The initiative is the ideal starting point for young people who wish to enter within the development sector/start the road to becoming a development practitioner. Each intern/volunteer would benefit in the following ways –

  1. Developing an understanding of the methodology to conduct Primary and Secondary research in a structured manner
  2. Exposure to the Government Welfare Setup
  3. Critical Analysis and Research Writing
  4. Development of Communication and Documentation Skills
  5. Insights into the process for Program Design and On-ground Implementation
  6. Perspective Building on issues related to Worker Well Being and Sustainability

We would be accepting applications all year round, on a rolling basis.

Therefore, we invite individuals, students, corporate employees and individuals from different walks of life to join the Ubuntu initiative and do their part to ensure sustainability and worker-well being!